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Professional Liability

Behavioral health is a rewarding career, but it has its risks in today’s litigious society like many professions. In recent years, behavioral health professionals have increasingly been subject to malpractice suits. Malpractice claims must be defended, even when groundless or fraudulent, and the cost of defending yourself in such a lawsuit can be prohibitive.

There are many built-in benefits, including $35,000 of state licensing board defense coverage, increased limit options, and $5,000 per deposition (up to $35,000 per year) for expenses related to a legal request to provide a deposition on behalf of your clients.

Professional Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance

General Liability

If you rent office space or have clients come to your home, you need general liability insurance to protect yourself. If one of your clients is injured in your office or while entering or leaving your office building, you are at risk of being sued.

This protection is a critical option protecting you and your practice if injury or property damage occurs to others as a result of your business operations. This coverage provides up to $1,000,000 of protection per occurrence and up to $3,000,000 protection per year covering property damage, personal and bodily injury, fire legal liability, medical costs, and payments, damages to premises rented to you, and legal defense costs.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability Insurance is a must if you keep your client data on your computer, your cell phone, or your office files. Even if you use a warehouse, a mover, or data storage provider, you can be held responsible for data breaches caused by them. You could be sued for a data breach, and be subject to state and federal fines and penalties of up to $250,000. And, your clients can also sue you for damages of $25,000plus, you even risk jail time of 10 years!

Coverage includes legal defense costs, state and federal fines and penalties, damages, computer security breach expert audit, client/patient notification costs, and ID theft protection subscriptions for victims/clients.

Cyber Liability Insurance

COVID-19 Notice

Preferra Insurance Company RRG, formerly NASW Risk Retention Group (NASW RRG) provides information based on our helpline inquiries, corresponding claims history, and an understanding of a varying nationwide professional state regulatory environment.

Due to COVID-19, many states have implemented or waived specific regulations; it is the individual professional's responsibility to research, implement, and monitor those regulations; and apply our risk management content as a consideration in your practice environment. Do not interpret this risk management material as any means to alter professional training, standards, nor any ethics information provided by your professional association.

Please understand, the NASW RRG makes no representations or warranties other than those stated to our current policyholders in the insurance policy contract. Please contact us if you have further questions.